Due Diligence Evaluation of Cable Systems

Evaluating the electric performance, construction and operational status of the cable system to be sold or purchased.
Business Aspects of a Due Diligence Evaluation Technical Aspects of a Due Diligence Evaluation
  1. Reasonability  of the revenue, expenses and cash-flow forecasts
  2. Review of the capital expenditure budget
  3. Clarification of business plan assumptions
  4. Market information
  5. Pole agreement
  6. Leases
  7. Personnel
  8. Plant and office operating expenses
  9. Opportunity for growth
Technical Status of the Sytem
  1. Electronic performance
  2. Construction status of the cble plant
  • Off-air TV reception
  • Setellite reception
  • Fiber nodes
  • Longest cascade locations in cable plant
  • Channel capacity
  • Two-way capability
  • High-speed data transmission

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